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Luxembourg: VET goes cross-border

13. 12. 2018
Cross-border apprenticeship is a concrete example of the European principle of free circulation, which opens up new chances and prospects for young people to broaden their professional and educatio

Iceland: more funds for VET in the 2019 State budget

13. 12. 2018
Workplace training fund The State budget proposal for 2019, submitted to the Icelandic Parliament on 11 September, included several measures concerning VET-related issues, including a possible budget increase that would i

Ireland: improving basic skills through work-based learning

13. 12. 2018
In an analysis of further education and training expenditure by Education Training Boards, the

Cedefop’s future of VET work discussed at ETF conference

28. 11. 2018
Cedefop Head of Department for VET Systems and Institutions Loukas Zahilas took part in the European Training Foundation’s (ETF’s) conference on ‘Skills for the future: managing transition’ in Turi

Record attendance at 2018 ReferNet plenary meeting

27. 11. 2018
Over 80 partner and national representatives from ReferNet’s 30 countries took part in the Cedefop network’s 16th annual plenary meeting, a European vocational skills week event, in Thessaloniki fr

Norway: earlier specialisation for vocational learners

20. 11. 2018
The government is increasingly focusing on vocational education in an effort to update it.

Croatia: establishing a network of regional centres of competence

20. 11. 2018
In July 2018, 25 VET schools were chosen among 42 applicants to become the first centres of competence in Croatia.

Denmark: municipalities called to step up their role in vocational education

20. 11. 2018
Vocational colleges still face problems with recruitment and low completion rates.

Denmark: more practice- and application-oriented pedagogies in primary school

19. 11. 2018
In recent decades Denmark has been facing an ongoing challenge of increasing number of young people choosing general upper secondary school over VET.

United Kingdom: raising digital skill levels through partnerships

15. 11. 2018
The Digital Skills Partnership was established for public, private and charity secto

France: supporting mobility for young people in alternance training schemes: a revised legislative framework

15. 11. 2018
Strengthening European mobility is a priority at both national and European levels.

Latvia faces scarce VET supply

14. 11. 2018
Around 75% of the economically active population are above 45 in Latvia.

Hungary: encouraging apprenticeship take-up in initial vocational education and training

14. 11. 2018
A new VET Act CXCII was adopted on 17 December 2017 by the Parlia

Finland: VET learner grants up to EUR 1 400 for materials

13. 11. 2018
The Finnish government’s new budget proposal for 2019 includes plans to grant a learning material supplement to some upper secondary learners, including VET.

The Netherlands: policy developments in lifelong learning

13. 11. 2018
The Dutch Cabinet, in cooperation with social partners, sectoral training and development funds, educational institutions including VET schools, and other stakeholders, has proposed significant dev

Norway: foreign qualifications recognition

13. 11. 2018
Many recent developments in recognising qualifications from other countries The Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in education (NOKUT) has started

Portugal: new study on professional programmes

12. 11. 2018
A longitudinal study, published in Augus

Slovenia: learning materials for VET

12. 11. 2018
In VET programmes with a low enrolment rate the market for textbooks and other learning materials is too small to be of interest to publishers.