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Finland: government emphasises VET in 2019-23 programme

19. 7. 2019
The 2019-23 government programme aims to increase the number of people completing upper secondary education, improve outreach, invest more in VET and promote continuing learning. 

Estonia: Graduates recommend apprenticeship

19. 7. 2019
Results of a survey carried out in late 2018 show that the experience of apprent

Slovakia: lack of labour force anticipated

19. 7. 2019
 The labour ministry offers data on trends in the labour market via the new portal.

Luxembourg: new technician programme in smart technologies

19. 7. 2019
From school year 2018/19, five secondary schools have been offering a new technician programme in smart technologies

Italy: Stage4eu: Europe internships at your fingertips

19. 7. 2019
Stage4eu is a mobile app and a website for young people interested in an in

United Kingdom – Scotland: Skills action plan for rural Scotland announced

19. 7. 2019
Skills Development Scotland has developed the Skills action plan for rural Scotland with the Scottish Government and other partners.

Poland: first forecast of the demand for employees in VET occupations

19. 7. 2019
The education ministry has recently announced the first forecast of the demand for employees in vocational education occupations at national and regional levels.

The Netherlands: student rights regulated by law

19. 7. 2019
A recent study concluded that the legal position of students should be set in law; on 27 February 2019, in a

Ireland: Two new apprenticeships launched

19. 7. 2019
Two new apprenticeship programmes aiming to address   skills gaps and shortages in the biopharmaceutical sector and provide companies with an opportunity to access new talent and increase business

Germany: VET law modernisation

19. 7. 2019
With the agreement of the Federal Council, the Federal Parliament has accepted the draft law for modernising and strengthening the Vocational Training Act (

Cyprus: Increasing VET attractiveness through robotics

19. 7. 2019
More than 1 300 primary and lower secondary education learners participated in the 2nd Pancyprian robotics week, which was successfully organ

Austria: survey reveals different roles of in-company trainers

19. 7. 2019
In-company trainers are responsible for about 80% of the apprentices' training time. This means they play a key role in the dual training system but have received little attention so far.

Austria: dual academy takes off

19. 7. 2019
One of the challenges in the Austrian apprenticeship training system is to make it attractive for upper secondary school graduates.

Austria: MINT quality seal awarded to 120 education institutions

19. 7. 2019
Promoting innovative teaching and learning is the order of the day at a time of rapid technological developments and a changing world of work and professional life.

EQAVET Newsletter - June 2019 Issue 19

19. 7. 2019
The last issue of EQAVET newsletter for June 2019 has been published and ready to

Take part in Cedefop’s web portal satisfaction survey!

17. 7. 2019
Cedefop is in the process of designing a new-generation web portal, which will be live by the end of 2020.

Best education and training aim for Finnish EU Presidency

17. 7. 2019
In its programme for the second semester of 2019 the Finnish EU Presidency puts emphasis ‘on taking full advantage of research, development,

#CedefopPhotoAward 2019 winners announced!

11. 7. 2019
The winning teams of the #CedefopPhotoAward 2019 competition come from Austria, Croatia and Romania.

Portugal: new study on the impact of automation on jobs

9. 7. 2019
A total of 1.8 million workers need to improve their competences or change jobs over the next 11 years.

Cedefop presents work on learning outcomes in South Africa

4. 7. 2019
Cedefop actively contributed to the policy learning forum (PLF) on the conceptualisation and use of learning outcomes, in Johannesburg, on 24 and 25 June.