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Italy: focus on implementing a quality assurance plan for VET

16. 5. 2019
Quality in vocational education and training is a main focus across Europe, starting with the relevant

Greece: VET graduate tracking study

16. 5. 2019
A new VET graduate tracking study is currently being carried out in Greece by the National Organisation for Certification of Qualifications

Greece: apprenticeship reform successfully expanded

16. 5. 2019
Learners in the new apprenticeship programme more than double; more participating VET schools than ever before.

Cyprus: measures to upgrade VET

16. 5. 2019
A press conference announcing measures to upgrade Cyprus’s public VET system improve its image and increase participation rates took place at the

Bulgaria: Education, business and regional authorities join forces for ICT innovation

16. 5. 2019
Two new vocational high schools in Bourgas and Sofia specialising in ICT education began admitting learners for the academic year 2018-/19.

Bulgaria: Consultative Council to lead VET reforms

16. 5. 2019
A Consultative Council for Vocational Education and Training, reporting to the Minister of Education and Science, was established on 27 September 2018.

‘Skillset and match’ May issue is out!

15. 5. 2019
The May 2019 issue of Skillset and match, Cedefop’s magazine promoting learning for work, is now available to read and download.

Validation in Europe presented at biennale

13. 5. 2019
Cedefop contributed to the organisation of the 3rd Validation of prior learning biennale, in Berlin on 7 and 8 May.

Blind and visually impaired young people get acquainted with Europass

6. 5. 2019
Cedefop received a group of 75 young people and youth workers representing Cyprus, Greece, Hungary and Turkey on 2 May. The group consisted of blind, visually impaired and sighted youngsters.

National qualifications frameworks gather speed across Europe

24. 4. 2019
As national qualifications frameworks (NQFs) are being implemented, their benefits and added value become increasingly visible.

Online job vacancy data presented to European Commission Directors

20. 4. 2019
European Commission’s DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion organised a lunchtime presentation and discussion of the first results of Cedefop’s real-time labour market and skills intelligence

Skillsnet e-bulletin: March - April 2019

18. 4. 2019
Millions of online job vacancies used to map employer needs in European countries The SKILLSNET e-bulletin March - April 2019 Issue has just been send to Skillsnet members and published here in a pdf format.

Cedefop supports Greece in improving its skills anticipation and matching system

15. 4. 2019
At a meeting jointly organised by Cedefop and the Greek Ministry of Labour, Social Insurance and Social Affairs in Athens on 11 April, Cedefop presented to key Greek stakeholde

Cedefop work on upskilling pathways presented at Council of the EU Education Committee

12. 4. 2019
At the invitation of the Romanian EU Presidency, Cedefop presented its activities in the area of upskilling pathways for adults for the first time at a Council of the European Union Education Commi

Cedefop forum: Learning at the workplace by, and for, VET teachers and trainers

12. 4. 2019
Repeating a successful formula from 2016, participants in Cedefop’s

Way forward for skills governance in Slovakia

8. 4. 2019
At a meeting organised by Cedefop in collaboration with the Slovak Ministry of Education, Research, Science and Sport, in Bratislava, on 4 April, policy-makers and stakeholders discussed the way fo

How education and training can help shape economy and social fabric

5. 4. 2019
Cedefop Acting Executive Director Mara Brugia told participants in Thessaloniki’s Maritime Economic Forum conference, hosted by the agency on 5 April, that it is not enough for vocational education

Millions of online job vacancies used to map employer needs

4. 4. 2019
Cedefop has released new insights on skills and jobs in seven European countries.

Iceland: VET attractiveness challenge for policy makers

4. 4. 2019
About half of the students in Iceland’s upper secondary schools believe that vocational education and training (VET) would be a more suitable option than general education.

Vocational education and training systems in Europe at a glance

26. 3. 2019
Cedefop offers a concise, clear and concrete picture of vocational education and training (VET) systems in a new publication, which brin